About us

IDC is your bridge to three very perspective middle-sized municipalities, lying in the central and South-East Slovenia. On one side, we have a wide network of public and private partners at national and EU level and on the other three very pro-active municipalities, which strive for an added value for their citizens. Let’s build the bridge to cities of the future together.

Working with us

IDC stands for Inter-Municipal Development Centre of the municipalities of Grosuplje, Ivančna Gorica and Trebnje. It is a Joint Municipal Administration, established with the aim of preparing and coordinating projects for three municipalities.

We have a long-track record in EU projects, are highly motivated with a strong sense of commitment and enthusiasm for project work. With us you can work on different types of projects; pilot/demo projects, awareness raising, R&D, networking, mobilities, education and investment projects.

IDC Mission

Our mission is to enhance sustainable development, which activates the potential of the local environment to achieve a development breakthrough. We strive to attain these development goals – the projects of local communities to pursue cohesion policy, where we want to go beyond regional and national borders and include natural, human and economic potential.

IDC Aims

Our aim is to ensure efficient absorption and effective use of the resources available from the cohesion fund and agricultural policy of the European Union, as well as the national funds. In pursuit of the aims of the local community we are faced with the strategic guidelines and the guidelines of the European Union and other national, sectoral and regional strategic documents that lead to the aims which Slovenia has set in the context of Slovenia’s Development Strategy and which are also followed by the local community.

Our focus is on the following EU programmes:

Europe for citizens; Erasmus + Strategic partnerships, trasnational, inter-regional and cross-border Interreg calls, Creative Europe, LIFE and Horizon2020. Nevertheless, we are open for other project proposals.

Population: 48.895
Area: 524 km²  

Together we can make a difference.



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