Municipality of Grosuplje

Grosuplje is a medium-sized Slovenian municipality located on the southeast edge of the Slovenian capital. It covers an area of  134 km² and has a population of 20.181. Known primarily for its rich cultural and historical heritage and developed as a commercial and industrial city, which is from only a twenty minute drive along the highway toward Zagreb.
The area is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauties, the most interesting among them being the cave of Županova Jama, the karstic site of Radensko Polje, Tabor Cerovo and Magdalenska Gora.
The place of Grosuplje is a relatively young settlement reached in a 15-minute drive by the motorway from Ljubljana in the direction of Zagreb. In geographical terms, almost the entire area of the municipality falls within the Grosuplje basin which is surrounded by a range of hills intercepted by numerous small valleys and typical karstic poljes. The first written evidence of the name Grosuplje dates back to 1136, while the archaeological excavations have shown that the area was inhabited as early as 500 years BC.

Public Library of Grosuplje: Municipal Public Library of Grosuplje is the central library of the area encompassing the communities of Grosuplje, Ivančna gorica and Dobrepolje. The first library activities go back to the pre-World War II years. In 2007 Grosuplje got a new library which is regarded as one of the most beautiful examples of library architecture in Europe. In the same year the two architects, authors of its design, were awarded Plečnik’s medal for having renovated the existing library building gently reshaped with a new extension. The whole structure features now as a wonderful piece of architecture.

Grosuplje – city of statues: The project »Grosuplje – city of statues« was started in 2004. Since then, sculpture symposia have been held beneath the Boštanj castle every year in the second half of August. Well-known stone sculptors come together to produce work of art which by a closing ceremony becomes property of the city of Grosuplje. The nineteen statues sculptured in the last three years are being exposed around the area giving the city and its surroundings a special charm.

Public Transportation bus line 3G: Since 2011 operates the new line Ljubljana Passenger Transport 3G. The new line 3G enables passengers from Grosuplje allowed to bring in Ljubljana more than 50 percent cheaper. The long-term strategic vision of Grosuplje identified by a three G's, 3G as "Economical, Friendly, Global," and 3G as "Grosuplje Goes Green." Continue to go green, go economically, hospitable, but globally.

Railway transportation:The railway line which runs through the city Grosuplje has a long history of over 100 years. It represents the main railway link trough Grosuplje between Zagreb, Trieste, Vienna and other parts of Europe. Passenger traffic carried on scheduled flights that are used by students, workers and others who travel in the capital of Ljubljana and other parts in Slovenija.

Area: 134 km²
Population: 20.181 (as at 1.7.2016)
Number of villages: 67
Number of local communities:10  

Mayor of Grosuplje

Dr. Peter Verlič

»The vision of development for our municipality is to ensure global activation, growth of economy and development of hospitability and the Inter-Municipal Development Centre is a step in this very direction. We really recognize our goals and needs in the priorities, which the European Union registered in their strategic documents for the period 2014-2020, and will try to take advantage of that together - with IDC we guarantee the professionalization, that is needed for successful acquisition of funds.«


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