Industrial zone Trebnje


Trebnje had to carry out the investment in municipal infrastructure of the industrial zone Trebnje because it didn’t have the possibility to define other locations in new areas with development and implementation documents. Planning of the industrial zone was a continuation of the provision of sites for small businesses, for which there was a high demand in relation to the favourable traffic location near the highway.


The purpose of the investment is the execution of the sanitation and road infrastructure in the area of 10, 43 ha.
With the implementation of the developed property the following objectives were realized:

  • public utility infrastructure was built which enabled the conditions for the relocation of existing and creation of new businesses,
  • the municipality ensured a long-term location for the needs of small businesses and medium-sized enterprises,
  • a business climate and innovative environment were created which contributed to faster employment growth of new businesses and the overall development of the region,
  • the development of entrepreneurial infrastructure was encouraged, which is a prerequisite for accelerated development of entrepreneurship and economy,
  • acceleration of raising the competitiveness of existing businesses,
  • in new locations companies have the possibility of expanding activities and new employment: at least 64 new jobs by the end of 2008 were provided,
  • the level of unemployment in the municipality and the region was reduced,
  • increase in revenues in the municipal budget of income tax and the contribution of new employees for the use of building land.


  • Ministry of Economy and Technology – European Fund for Regional Development 909.937,00 €
  • Ministry of Economy and Technology – National Agency for Regional Development 28.142,00 €
  • Municipality of Trebnje 1.037.404,00 €
  • Total value of the project 1.975.483,00 €


In the years 2003-2006


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