The aims of local communities are being carried out by the IDC-team, which is a group of four highly motivated young people with a strong sense of commitment and enthusiasm for project work and very diverse knowledge and experiences.

Jasmina Selan

Tel.: +386 (0)1 7888 795

Jasmina Selan holds a bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation of English and Sociology. She is the Head of the Inter-Municipal Development Centre of the municipalities of Grosuplje, Ivančna Gorica and Trebnje, Slovenia. In the past four years she has been the Head of the Project Office at the Laboratory for Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. Her main responsibility was coordination of R&D projects, preparation of administrative and financial reports and coordination of the project applications. She was actively involved in the following programs: Horizon2020, Interreg cross-border, inter-regional and transnational calls, SEE Transnational Cooperation, Erasmus+, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), 7th FP EU, Arise Europe, COST, SME instrument, Twinning, Era Chairs, Competence centres, Eureka and CIP. Prior to that she was the eGovernance Academy coordinator at the Regional foundation – Centre for eGovernance Development for South East Europe. She obtained extensive experiences in organization of workshops, conferences, courses and promotional events related to ICT and was actively involved in preparation of 28 research projects, 15 studies as a support to educational programs and 5 reports on the Ljubljana Forum (World Council on City Data – ISO 37120 certificate for cities). She worked in the EU projects department for the European Movement International in Brussels during the Slovenian presidency to the EU and at the Information office of the European parliament in Slovenia in the DG Communication. Working for the Slovenian NGOs, she obtained extensive experience in the programmes, such as Europe for Citizens, Lifelong Learning, Comenius, Grundtvig, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Debate Europe and Intelligent Energy – Europe.

Simon Kastelic

Tel.: +386 (0)1 7888 761

Simon Kastelic has a degree in economics from the field of business informatics. In the past five-year period, at the Municipality of Ivančna Gorica has led projects obtaining financing and implementation of projects in the field of energy efficiency, energy efficiency of buildings, transport strategies, building for sports and recreation, pre-school education.

He covered the design and preparation of project and investment documentation, financial and scheduling of the project's framework, led the preparation of applications for funding, following project approval of tender procedures, implementation of the project or works, submission of claims for payment and the preparation of final reports.

Before that, he was an independent entrepreneurial path, where they developed and implemented software solutions and websites. During her undergraduate and postgraduate study has been an assistant in the subject Business Informatics.

The rest of the time engaged in agriculture on farm and sport, since the foundation operates in the governing bodies of basketball club Ivančna Gorica, where also actively performs in the senior team and is responsible for the operation of youth teams.

Peter Zakrajšek

Tel.: +386 (0)1 7888 787

Peter Zakrajšek holds a degree in civile engineering. In the past five-year period he works on the Municipality of Grosuplje, he led projects in the field of communal and road infrastructure, reconstruction of infrastructure street lighting, financial planning investment in street lighting, maintenance of city streets, maintain parks, investment in waste collection, burial objects and management of the cadastre municipal infrastructure and management renovations and new construction in the area of the hydrant network for the entire territory of the municipality of Grosuplje. For its work was designed and prepared project documentation, financial frameworks for the financing of projects, submission of applications, keeping records and producing reports for individual projects. Prior to this he was Head of CERO connects the valley to the public utility company Grosuplje, where he was responsible for management of the entire center, records, reports and submission of reports in the area of three municipalities. In the beginning of his professional career, he worked in the private construction company, where in the beginning worked as a foreman in the field of civil engineering, then took over the management of construction sites in civil engineering structures, and managed accounts for all objects.

In his free time he dedicates to family life, relaxation in nature and travel, which are his passion. If time permits he works in photo and video production.

Mateja Zupančič

Tel.: +386 (0)1 7888 753

Mateja Zupančič was born in March 1981 in Novo mesto. After high school, she studied German language and literature at the Faculty of Arts and was employed as a professor after graduation. After a few years her work path led her in to economic waters, where she kept on using her knowledge of languages, partly to translate partly developing and maintaining international relations.

She has developed her expertise and competence in the design of complex materials and knowledge of public procurement in the administration of the Municipality of Trebnje. Her wide range of experience comprises mainly contacts with domestic and foreign public, work experience in the field of communication and social online networks and the organization of events at the local, national and international level, which it also brought a good knowledge of the protocol. She also has experience in preparing different investment documentation and participating in the preparation of various programs and strategies at the local level. She is a member of the Board of LAG Suha Krajina, Temenica in Krka (STIK).

Her experience and her focus helps her to quickly identify the project idea, her creativity helps her in solving problems. Since she dislikes things being done halfway, she is always trying to do things on the highest quality level and on time.


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